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What is it with these selfies? Jerry Seinfeld takes his first

Jerry Seinfeld's wife, Jessica, is an avid Instagram user and captures the usual array of items and moments found on the photo-sharing site: kids, food, sunsets. On Tuesday, her husband apparently got a hold of the phone and snapped what Jessica called "Jerry's first selfie." She followed that up with "Ugh. Stop."

Jerry's First Selfie. Ugh. Stop. #greeceistheword

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It's 2014, selfie was the Oxford Dictionaries word of the year, and "Seinfeld" has been off the air for 16 years. But it wasn't hard, while looking at that photo, to hear Jerry's familiar voice in our heads, running through a stand-up monologue or maybe ranting to George and Elaine over coffee. Use your best Jerry impression:

"I don't know. These phones, they're everywhere. Everyone's on their phones. But no one's talking. They're just ... sharing. 'Gotta share this! Can't wait to share! Look at me!' Sharing hasn't been this encouraged since kindergarten. And somehow, along the way, the telephone became a camera. And now, you're not alive unless you're connecting with people who wouldn't even know it if you were dead! And this new thing, the selfie — where did that come from? When did we start thinking, as a species, that we had evolved to the point where our arms were long enough to take pictures of ourselves? I think I'd like to selfie-medicate and skip the whole sharing revolution before I do selfie harm."

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