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What if Juliet's husband had opened the door to Mark in 'Love Actually'?

Those cue cards would have made for an awkward Christmas Eve.
/ Source: TODAY

Fans of the 2003 holiday rom-com "Love Actually" swooned during the movie's most famous scene when Mark (Andrew Lincoln) shows up at Juliet's (Keira Knightley) doorstep to silently profess his love to her using adorable cue cards.

But what would have happened if Juliet's husband, Peter (Chiwetel Ejiofor), had answered the door when Mark knocked? After all, Mark had been the best man at Peter and Juliet's wedding. Those cue cards would have made for an awkward Christmas Eve.

Love Actually
Mark (Andrew Lincoln) woos Juliet (Kiera Knightley) in the most memorable scene from "Love Actually."Universal

It's a question that tickled the movie's script editor Emma Freud, the longtime girlfriend of the movie's director Richard Curtis.

"Maybe he would have given him the CD player as a Christmas gift and hidden the cards behind his back," Freud joked during an interview with Australia's News. "But that’s a very good question."

Love Actually
Mark (Andrew Lincoln) and Juliet (Kiera Knightley) steal a kiss on Christmas Eve in "Love Actually."Universal

Freud weighed in on that mystery about the movie and more, even responding to the fan theory that Daniel (Liam Neeson) was actually in love with his pal Karen (Emma Thompson).

Believers of the theory cite the fact that when Daniel’s wife dies, he turns to Karen for support. Then, when he bumps into Carol (Claudia Schiffer) after the school concert and she introduces herself, Daniel mistakenly calls her "Karen" when he tells her he’d like to see her again.

Love Actually
Was Daniel (Liam Neeson) actually in love with his pal Karen (Emma Thompson)? Some fans of the movie think so.Alamy

"No, that was genuinely a mistake by Richard who had forgotten that Emma Thompson’s character was called Karen," Freud revealed. "He just wanted it to be awkward for Liam in front of Claudia Schiffer and (the name mishap) was genuinely a coincidence."

She also cited the lack of passion between the two.

"You know when they eat breakfast cereal in the kitchen together? Liam plays that scene without any romantic spark," she said.

"It would have been quite a neat storyline though," she added, laughing.