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What Happened to Reese Witherspoon's Foot?

Was Reese Witherspoon praying for a speedy recovery?
/ Source: E!online

Was Reese Witherspoon praying for a speedy recovery?

The Oscar winner was spotted leaving church Sunday with son Deacon, daughter Ava and new hubby Jim Toth and, lo and behold, she was sporting a walking cast on her left foot.

And because that certainly isn't the type of custom boot the stars mean when they talk about must-have accessories, inquiring minds wanted to know what happened. She didn't get stomped on while visiting any of her pachyderm pals, did she?

Nope, this is not a residual injury from Water for Elephants.

"She twisted her ankle and is in a walking cast temporarily. Nothing serious," says Witherspoon's rep.

Fair enough. We hope she's back to her routine of jogging and then looking great in heels very soon!

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