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What happened to Kate Hudson’s marriage?

Perhaps her ‘Dupree’ co-star Owen Wilson has something to do with it
/ Source: Access Hollywood

What happened between Kate Hudson and Chris Robinson?

Kate and Owen Wilson shared exactly one kiss in this summer's “You, Me And Dupree,” but one day after Kate's surprise announcement, the question becomes, is there an Owen factor?

And apparently that's exactly what Kate and Chris are doing after nearly six years of marriage.

But Kate has always been a realist, even as recently as 2005. Just one year after having son Ryder, Kate talked to Access Hollywood's Billy Bush:

“I feel like when you look at somebody that you are, that you love and you respect, that you decide, especially decided to have children with them, and you say we're not having fun anymore what are we going to do?” Kate said. “And you realize its over, its time to hopefully move on and experience, experience your life.”

“You got married so young,” Billy said.

“Yeah,” Kate laughed.

“So, are you prepared to live your life, the rest of your life, with just one lover?” Billy asked.

“I don't know the answer to that,” Kate said.

“Do you imagine so? If things work out that way?” Billy asked.

“I hope so,” Kate said. “That's all you can hope for. That's my dream, and my hope, and my desire.”

And Kate expressed skepticism about the reality and nature of monogamy but said she would never disrespect her husband by straying.

So, after being spotted together, is Owen a reason Kate and Chris split.

Shaun spoke with MTV VJ Damien Fahey, who worked with Kate and Owen on a “You, Me And Dupree” skit for “Total Request Live.”

“What about the chemistry between those two?” Access Hollywood's Shaun Robinson asked.

“Oh, its great, Owen and Kate loved each other, they're friends first and foremost,” Damien said.

“All the rumors going around that he had something to do with it?” Shaun asked.

“No, I don't think so, like I said its a brother sister thing,” Damien said.

Owen's rep tells us the same.

So, instead, as is common, busy schedules seem to be the couple's biggest obstacle.

“You have to, every once in a while, let them know you are OK by yourself, and I think that keeps them going keeps them going,” Kate told Billy.

“And you'll be able to experience that in the next year,” Billy asked. “Isn't he going on the road?”

“Yeah, we'll be away from each other a lot,” Kate said. “I'll be working.”

“This is probably going to be the most challenging year coming up for both of you?” Billy asked.

“Yeah, that we've ever had... so we'll see how it works out,” Kate laughed.