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What a Good Sport: Prince Harry Buddies Up to Rumored Girlfriend's Athlete Ex

Hmm...whatever could they be discussing, we wonder?
/ Source: E!online

Hmm...whatever could they be discussing, we wonder?

If it was anyone other than Prince Harry talking to the sportsman ex of his current rumored girlfriend, we'd say that some ungentlemanly swapping of notes was taking place. But as we all know, chivalry is still alive and kicking in the royal family.

So we'll just have to assume that when the royal hit the British Grand Prix over the weekend (right about the same time Prince William and Kate Middleton were painting whatever ), he and Formula 1 hottie Jenson Button gabbed about something other than Harry's alleged lady friend--and Button's former girlfriend of more than two years--English model Florence Brudenell-Bruce.

Still, despite the high potential for awkwardness, the jocular jock duo seemed to get along famously, with the ginger prince even cheering on Jenson during the race.

Life in the fast lane, eh, Harry?

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