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What ever happened to baby in 'Three Men and a Baby'? See twins all grown up

by Ree Hines /  / Updated 

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Tom Selleck, Steve Guttenberg and Ted Danson may have had top billing in the 1987 movie "Three Men and a Baby," but there was a tiny star who stole the show — actually, more than one. Two tykes brought Baby Mary to life in the big screen hit. Now they're all grown up, and they stopped by TODAY Monday to show what a difference 27 years has made.

Identical twins Lisa Blair and Michelle Blair Ontonovich took turns playing the part of the infant who stole the hearts of the three father figures in the film.

"At first, when we were little, it wasn't a big deal to us at all," Michelle, who now works in the insurance industry, revealed. "I think it was when we became teenager, people started coming up to us a lot more…"

"Asking us for our autographs and everything," Lisa, who traded the big screen for a career in customer service, said, finishing her sister's sentence.

Image: Michelle Blair Ontonovich and her twin sister Lisa Blair.
Little Mary, all grown up: Michelle Blair Ontonovich and her twin sister Lisa Blair.Today

The 27-year-olds, who were just 4-months-old when they starred in "Three Men and a Baby," left Tinseltown behind after their first and last film. In fact, their entire on-screen experience was "a bit of a fluke" according to their mother.

"I was just bored at home on [maternity] leave, and I heard about this casting call," Geriann Blair explained. "I thought it was just a scene in a movie."

But, of course, it was more than a single scene. While Lisa and Michelle were too young to remember their time on the set firsthand, the experience was full of memorable moments for mom — like how her little girls left Tom Selleck all wet.

Lisa was the baby featured in the film's iconic poster, photographed by Annie Liebovitz. And the wet spot on Selleck's shirt in that shot? "That wasn't water; that wasn't staged," Geriann said with a smile.

Not to be outdone, Michelle took aim at Selleck in a similar way during a diaper-changing scene, which prompted director Leonard Nimoy to tell Geriann, "That's what good actresses do, pee on cue."

Lisa and Michelle have come a long way since their "Three Men" days. Both women now call Waterloo, Canada, home, and Michelle has a little off-screen star of her own. 

Image: Michelle and Ryan Ontonovich and their newest addition, Jacob.
Michelle and Ryan Ontonovich and their newest addition, Jacob.Today

Michelle and husband Ryan Ontonovich are now the proud parents of Jacob, a boy who's just one month older than the twins were when they became box-office babies.

image: Michelle Blair Ontonovich and her son, Jacob.

Stay tuned to TODAY this week for an updated look at other big-screen babes, including the once tiny tykes from "Raising Arizona" and "Baby Boom."

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