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By Ree Hines and Ree Hines and Ree Hines

In a now-infamous heavyweight championship rematch, Mike Tyson went head-to-head and mouth-to-ear with Evander Holyfield and left the ring in disgrace. That ear-chomping incident is now 15 years behind the former undisputed champ, but it’s far from forgotten.

In fact, the way Tyson talked about his big bite on Sunday night’s “Watch What Happens: Live,” it seemed as if human ear is one flavor he’s never likely to forget.

The topic came up when host Andy Cohen challenged Tyson to a round of the show’s always provocative Plead the Fifth game, wherein the guest-du-jour is asked about three hot-button (or just plain embarrassing) things, and can “plead the fifth” and keep quiet about only one of them. Tyson, being an open book, welcomed all of the questions put to him, including: “What does an ear taste like?”

“Well, that depends,” he said with some consideration. “It depends on which ear you bite. But since I bit Holyfield’s ear -- and it didn’t have any of that Holyfield Hot Sauce on it -- it wasn’t too tasty.”

But Iron Mike assured that if it had been drenched in sauce, “That would have been a delicacy!”

If all of that sounds pretty lighthearted for a such gruesome topic, don’t worry -- even Holyfield is in on the joke. Before Tyson’s “Watch What Happens: Live” visit, the two boxing greats swapped jokes and promoted Holyfield’s new sauce to commemorate the anniversary of the ear event.

“My will make u wanna take a bite out of someone's ear! Ask @MikeTyson - Luv ya bro!” Holyfield wrote.

Tyson agreed. 

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