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What Did Adam Sandler Buy His Grown Ups Buddies?

Adam Sandler just made Oprah Winfrey look like a cheapskate.
/ Source: E!online

Adam Sandler just made Oprah Winfrey look like a cheapskate.

According to Chris Rock, his former Saturday Night Live pal was in a very giving mood following the monster success of their Grown Ups, with Sandler ordering an extremely expensive gift for his comedic cohorts.

So what exactly did Sandler send?

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"I went outside the other day and I had a new Maserati in the driveway," a giddy Rock revealed on Howard Stern's radio show to promote the film's release on DVD and Blu-ray tomorrow.

Rock said he soon learned that his four costars--David Spade, Rob Schneider and Kevin James--all woke up to the same $200,000 ride sitting pretty in the driveway.

Sure, $1 million worth of Italian luxury cars is chump change for Sandler, but it's the thought that counts. Right, Chris?

"Now I think that I'm Adam Sandler's bitch," Rock joked to Stern.

He also said it's the first time he's gotten any kind of token of appreciation for film work, and he'd never have bought such a pricey car on his own.

"The movie's like the biggest thing for [Sandler], he appreciates the help."

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