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What Chrissy Metz' boyfriend really thinks about her 'This is Us' romance

The popular actress, whose boyfriend is a cameraman on the show, says they laugh about those scenes.
/ Source: TODAY

Dating an actor comes with perks like walks down the red carpet. But it also comes with the knowledge that your honey is probably going to get kissed by other people ... and get paid for it!

But imagine if the one you love is a star on a hugely-popular TV series — like "This Is Us" — and you're the one filming those love scenes?

Chrissy Metz and her real-life love Josh Stancil in June in Hollywood.WireImage

Well, that's the situation for actress Chrissy Metz and her boyfriend Josh Stancil, who works as a cameraman on the show. Now that Chrissy's character Kate is getting all kinds of up close and personal with boyfriend Toby (Chris Sullivan), Josh sometimes has a front-row view of their canoodling!

Fortunately, as Metz told reporters at the Television Critics Association press tour Thursday, they both have a sense of humor. "We laugh about it," she told Us Weekly.

Well, mostly!

The first of 12 kisses? Chrissy Metz and Chris Sullivan get up close and personal on "This Is Us."NBC

"There was the one — the Christmas episode where (Chris and I) did kiss 12 times and Josh was texting me and he was like, 'Why does (director) Helen Hunt have you guys kiss 12 times?' And I was like 'I don't think she's having us kiss 12 times, she's looking for different angles to get.' And he’s like, 'OK, I was just asking!'"

Hey, a guy has to check.

Anyway, Sullivan has a happy relationship with his wife of six years, Rachel Reichard. Metz and Stancil have now been dating for nearly 10 months, and early on he took the extraordinary step of offering to quit the show so they could have a relationship.

That turned out not to be necessary. But what it means now is that sometimes Stancil has to do his own kind of acting: keeping a poker face while his girlfriend does her job!

"This Is Us" returns for Season 2 on Sept. 26 at 9 p.m. ET on NBC.

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