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Wet cash to cell phones: Weirdest items women keep in bras

Call it what you want — clammy cash, damp dollars. Moist money is just gross.

“Sweaty money is nasty,” Hoda said Thursday, while discussing the different things women keep in their bras.

Viewers took to Twitter to tell us they've kept all kinds of items, like credit cards and even a cell phone, in their bras, but Hoda and Kathie Lee agreed that wet greenbacks are the worst.

“Let’s just live there for a second,” Hoda said, setting up a nastiest-case scenario.

“You go running and you have money in your little zippered pocket of your running shorts and you stop to get water and you pull that sweaty five out,” she said. “And you even hate to hand it to the guy. You’re like, ‘I am so sorry.’”

But Kathie Lee offered an example of something even worse than moist money, and it’s something she comes across every time allergy season kicks in.

“I go walking, running with Kleenex. But by the time you’re ready to blow, that stuff is soaking wet,” she said. “THAT’S disgusting.”

What's the weirdest thing YOU'VE kept in your cleavage?