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Weston Cage's Facebook Bombshells: Divorcing Pregnant Wife, Claims "I Was the One Abused"

Most couples prefer to keep their personal problems private. Not Weston Cage.
/ Source: E!online

Most couples prefer to keep their personal problems private. Not Weston Cage.

Nicolas Cage's eldest son has taken to his Facebook page yet again to let the world know that he now plans to seek an end to his three-month-old marriage to wife Nikki Williams after the two got into violent spat over the Fourth of July that ended with both arrested for domestic violence.

Guess Thor's dropping the hammer all right. But that wasn't all.

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"Made my choice. Getting divorced," Weston writes in a post today.

In another more cryptic revelation, he also hinted that Nikki is pregnant.

"Have fun killing my child BREYAN PRESCOTT," the 20-year-old declared.

Cage's bombshells are the latest in a series of bizarre rants on the social networking site and come shortly after he posted a video relating his conflicted feelings for his 22-year-old missus and asking his Facebook friends to "Vote on the Divorce. Yes or No."

"Traditionally, the person that is abused or attacked or victimized is the one who usually breaks up with the other," Weston, dressed in a hoodie and smoking a cigarette, said in the clip. "It's hard to believe but I was the one abused....I got three witnesses, a video recording, I was sober."

He then held up divorce papers for the camera.

"I'm not gonna be the one that gets dumped. Because it just wouldn't make sense. Why would I abuse the person I was trying to save?" he asked. "If I hit somebody which I haven't done in want war, fine? Then let's have war. You want peace, I prefer that."

Less than an hour later, he changed his Facebook status from "married" to "It's complicated."

The younger Cage reached this crossroads after he and Nikki were taken into custody Monday by Los Angeles police responding to a 911 call about a fight at their residence. Both were booked on a felony domestic violence charge. While Weston was released Tuesday from an L.A. County lockup after posting $50,000 bail, Williams remains behind bars.

Cage subsequently took to Facebook where he chalked the whole thing up to a "misunderstanding" due to alcohol.

If today's Facebook musings are any indication, Weston's still riding that emotional roller coaster.

"I will die at twenty seven, I just feel like I will naturally," he wrote in another strange thread.

Cage and Williams swapped vows in April after a whirlwind romance. Two months later the heavy-metal singer was forcibly hospitalized for a psychiatric examination after he and his personal trainer got into fisticuffs on a Hollywood street.

Cage commented again on that incident as well as his mental state.

"I was misdiagnosed with bipolar and approved cogent when [trainer] Kevin [Villegas] assaulted me I was too drunk to fight back, thats why I'm not sore about the video," wrote Weston. "So don't judge of a battle where my vigor was abated by deathly amounts of booze. Never hit my wife. Why would I start abusing after she was positive after taking a pregnant-c test."

Here's hoping they work things out for the kid's sake.

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