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Wentworth Miller preps for ‘Prison’ ordeal

Time for another season of painstaking tattoos — but it sure pays off.
/ Source: The Associated Press

Wentworth Miller is bracing himself for more hours in the makeup chair to apply the intricate tattoo his “Prison Break” character wears.

The Fox drama returns for its second season Aug. 21, with the convicts having escaped from prison and the subjects of a nationwide manhunt, led by a ruthless FBI agent.

The upper-body tattoo featuring the prison’s blueprints takes about four hours to apply.

“I have to admit I’m much less a fan of the tattoo than I was when we started,” Miller, 34, told the Television Critics Association’s annual meeting recently.

“It is an arduous process, but it’s such a cool special effect, I think the most ambitious faux tattoo ever attempted for TV or film. It is the reason why some people are tuning in, because they think it’s such a great set piece.”

The show has left its set at a former prison in Joliet, Ill., and is filming in Dallas. Rockmond Dunbar, who plays convict C-Note, is glad to be away from Midwest winters.

“The only time we got stir-crazy is when we had snowstorms and ... you’re trying to drive home before the snow hits,” he said. “If you didn’t make it, then you would have had to stay in Joliet. ... Nothing to really do and not that many great restaurants, so you just tried to make it back to Chicago as fast as you could.”