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Wendy Williams revealed as Lips on 'The Masked Singer' after hilarious performance

The Lips have been unmasked!
The Lips on "The Masked Singer," aired Wednesday, Oct. 28.FOX
/ Source: TODAY

A giant pair of red, sparkly lips stole the show on “The Masked Singer” Wednesday night, and it turns out the woman behind the lips was Wendy Williams!

The talk show host, 56, revealed her identity after a performance of “Native New Yorker” by Odyssey. She went all in for her rendition of the disco hit and was clearly having a great time, interjecting some funny spoken commentary and at one point accidentally letting out a snort of laughter.

Two of the judges, Jenny McCarthy and Nicole Scherzinger, had guessed her identity even before she took to the stage, thanks to the hints Williams dropped in her prerecorded clues segment.

“You may have strong opinions about me, but I always speak my truth,” Williams said, which was a major giveaway for McCarthy.

Wendy Williams Reveal

“Only talk show hosts can do that,” she said before Williams was revealed as the Lips. “We get in trouble for it, but we do it!”

“Now, this might seem a little on the nose, but as you'd expect, I have a big mouth, and I love making waves, America,” Williams also said in her clues segment. “That's why I'm here — to feed you a performance that will get you talking. Isn’t that fire?”

“My fans are going to lose it tonight because while I’ve been shocking the public for decades, they’d never expect to see me on this stage,” she added. “If you think you’ve heard some powerhouse voices this season, wait 'til you hear mine. You’re about to be lip-smacked!”

While Scherzinger and McCarthy had her identity figured out early on, guesses from the other panelists were all over the map, including Mariah Carey, comedian Sandra Bernhardt and even Oscar-winner Allison Janney.

Host Nick Cannon, who’s friends with Williams, said she'd done a great job keeping her lips sealed in the time leading up to the show.

“Wendy, you keep a great secret because I just talked to you days ago!” he said.

Williams looked totally comfortable in her glittery lips costume, but behind the scenes, she said it was actually really hard to wear.

“The costume was literally 50 pounds, and it was a struggle!” she told Us Weekly.

She also revealed how she and “The Masked Singer” team pulled off the disguise.

“I love my legs, so I wanted to show those off,” she said. “We would have fittings every day, and they would have to hold on the giant headpiece with a harness around my legs. It was so heavy. After they made some adjustments, it kept getting better and better."

"It’s all so secretive that it was hard knowing who else was going to be on the stage — they had me in a giant mask, shield, huge black hood," she continued. "I had to wear my hair in a ponytail so no one could see if I was a man or a woman, blonde or brunette, so I never saw anyone!”

It sounds like it was all worth it in the end, and after her reveal, Williams said the lips were “fabulous.”

“I can’t sing, I can’t dance, but I know how to have fun,” she quipped.