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Wendy Williams addresses her frightening on-air collapse: 'It was scary'

The host returned to work Wednesday, describing for fans how it felt to pass out on live television.
/ Source: TODAY

Wendy Williams was back at work just a day after collapsing on live TV.

On Wednesday, "The Wendy Williams Show" host opened up about fainting on-air during the live broadcast of the show's special Halloween episode.

"First of all, I was trending all day — fabulous," Williams, 53, joked. "But a lot of people thought that was a joke. No, that was not a joke. I don’t want to fall. I’m a tall woman, and it’s a long way down. I’m also a woman of a particular age, and I’m not trying to break anything. Also I don’t do stunts and jokes for you like that. I don’t need that."

On Tuesday, Williams, who was dressed in a heavy Statue of Liberty costume, was announcing the show's upcoming costume contest when she began shaking and stumbling over her words. She then fell dramatically to the ground and the program cut to commercial. When Williams returned after the break, she told viewers she'd overheated because of her costume.

During Wednesday's follow-up, Williams revealed that she'd felt "hot and a little dizzy" just before fainting.

"I was like, ‘All right, Wendy. At least you’re wearing flats and you’re holding onto this and there’s only 12 more minutes of the show. You can do it, girl," she said.

But it became clear to her that she was going to pass out — which, paramedics later told her, occurred because she was low on electrolytes.

"It was scary," she said tearfully. "It was really scary. It was so scary, all I could think of in the middle of the scare was, 'Don’t pull the podium over on you, because that’ll make it worse.'"

As she fell, viewers noticed, Williams reached for the back of her head — which she addressed in her inimitable style on Wednesday.

"That was because I promised myself two things," said Williams. "First of all, this is never going to happen again. Second of all, if it’s going to go down, it’s got to be as cute as I could make it."

Williams also thanked her fans for their support and well-wishes.

"I want to thank you all for your tweets and your flowers," she said. "I got all of your well-wishes ... even the haters, because you motivate me."