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We'll take Kathie Lee and Hoda drinking wine for $200, Alex

Last night Kathie Lee and Hoda made a special appearance on "Jeopardy," sipping their way through a category that seems almost specially designed for them — "Potent Potables."


"Everyone watches "Jeopardy!" said Hoda, of what she realized after it aired. "I didn't know people were so smart."

The ladies offered contestants "Jeopardy" answers based on some of their favorite adult beverages, and charmed host Alex Trebek in the process. "As we go along in this category," he joked, "you will notice something happening to the two ladies," who delivered their clues while holding full glasses.

But KLG was quick to note they weren't as soused as they seemed. "It's called ACTING, Alex! ACTING!"

So, what did we learn? KLG definitely knows how to make a mean gin martini. Plus, she loves a full-bodied wine with "legs" — strong, powerful, legs. 

And so, it appears, does Trebek.

"One thing we can say with certainty right now," he said wistfully, "is that it would be fun to spend time with those two ladies."

We definitely agree.