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Weiner skit ends in injury for Jon Stewart

“Daily Show” host Jon Stewart laughed through the pain Tuesday night when a mock press conference meant to poke fun at Rep. Anthony Weiner’s news conference ended in a real injury.

“Last Friday night a congressman whose name is synonymous with a sexual organ sent a photo of ‘it’ to a young woman on Twitter,” Stewart said as he began his routine. “It was by any standard a gift from the comedy… whatever it is that comedians have that takes the place of a god.”

Of course, it wasn’t just the jokes and private-part puns that caught viewers’ attention as Stewart continued. Halfway through the parody, a sharp prop left him wounded.

The host cut his hand on a glass as he stood behind a podium for one part of the bit, but thanks to quick thinking and a show-must-go-on attitude from both Stewart and fellow send-up star John Oliver, the bleeding hand was soon simply worked into the act.

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