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Fans have a lot of theories about The Weeknd's eye-opening look in new video

The singer's radical face alteration in his new video has fans buzzing that he may be sending a message about being snubbed by the Grammy Awards.
/ Source: TODAY

Now that the bandages are off his face and the "bruises" are healed, the Weeknd's new look in his latest video has fans buzzing.

The 30-year-old singer appears in his video for "Save Your Tears," which was released on Tuesday, with a face that looks like it's filled with Botox and fillers and changed by plastic surgery.

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It looks like the latest installment in his performance art storyline that began with last year's video for his hit "Blinding Lights," in which he's shown being smacked around and ends up with cuts and bruises to his face.

While promoting the song, he wore the same makeup and red suit, including during his "Saturday Night Live" performance in March. He then performed with bandages on his face at the American Music Awards in August, appearing to continue the arc of the story.

2020 MTV Video Music Awards - Show
The Weeknd performed in bloody makeup at the MTV Video Music Awards in August of last year. Kevin Mazur / Getty Images for MTV

His latest jarring look has fans speculating that he used makeup and prosthetics to send a message about being snubbed by this year's Grammy Awards despite the success of "Blinding Lights" and his hit album "After Hours."

"I Think Basically it’s shots At the Grammy and How The Only Way for him to be Recognized by them is to Be Fake in front of a Crowd of Fake People," one fan tweeted.

"His appearance, mostly his face, could mean that he has to be this fake person for these voters to nominate him," another fan tweeted.

The Weeknd has made no secret of his feelings about being snubbed.

"The Grammys remain corrupt. You owe me, my fans and the industry transparency...," he tweeted in November.

The new video shows the Weeknd, whose real name is Abel Tesfaye, performing at a masquerade ball. At the 1:50 mark, he is shown holding a large gold trophy before he whips it offstage while singing, "I broke your heart like someone did mine/And now you won't love me for a second time."

Some viewers couldn't help but initially do a double take when they saw The Weeknd's face in the video.

"Someone walk me thru The Weeknd's face as sported in his new video...part of his stuntin' with makeup effects or extreme plastic surgery?" St. Louis Post-Dispatch music critic Kevin C. Johnson tweeted.

"PLS TELL ME THE WEEKND’s FACE IS PHOTOSHOPPED," another viewer tweeted.

The Weeknd has not commented on the video other than sharing its release on Tuesday. We'll see soon if he breaks out another new look when he performs at halftime at the Super Bowl next month.