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The Weekend TODAY team try rock climbing for the first time — and it got competitive

We were not expecting this winner!
Weekend TODAY team goes rock climbing
The Weekend TODAY team goes rock climbing.Hannah Van Winkle
/ Source: TODAY

The Weekend TODAY team embarked on an indoor rock climbing adventure and it quickly evolved into a playful competition.

Back in March, Sheinelle Jones took to Instagram to share a series of photos of Peter Alexander, Dylan Dreyer, and herself scaling the indoor walls of a rock climbing gym, and now we finally have the inside scoop into the team outing.

"Dylan and I have done a number of things together," Sheinelle explained on Saturday. "We've done golfing, tandem biking, dancing."

But the pair decided to switch things up and welcome Peter into the fold with a new activity that none of them had previously attempted.

"My initiation," Peter joked.

After learning the ropes, the three hosts decided to square off to see who could scramble up the wall the fastest. Initially, everyone expected Peter to be the winner.

"So, Peter, I think since you're six inches taller than us ... I think you should hold back like six Mississippis," Dylan decided.

In the end, though, Sheinelle took home the bragging rights, despite her small stature. Although he didn't emerge victorious, Peter insisted he was glad to be finally initiated into the group. "Proud to be a part of the team," he said.

Sheinelle's Instagram post featured a short video compilation of photos set to upbeat music. "Friday outing with the Weekend TODAY crew," the video begins in bold capital letters before cutting to solo snapshots of Sheinelle, Peter, and Dylan mid-climb. The video clip also featured group shots of everyone posing together once they were all back on the ground.

Here's to more adventures to come and welcome to the team Peter!