Groom in 1961 wedding photo is dead ringer for Matt Damon

/ Source: TODAY

Before Matt Damon was even born (or Bourne), his dapper doppelganger was already charming the ladies.

In what may be concrete evidence of the possibility of time travel, Reddit user coffeeandtrout posted a black and white photo of his parents from their wedding in 1961 — and his dad is dead ringer for a young Matt Damon.

Admit it, that guy's a dead ringer for "Bourne Identity"-era Matt Damon!

The user noted in the comments that his father is still alive, but his mom passed away last year.

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Of course, some commenters asked the next logical question: What does the father look like now?

One user had a hilarious reply (with a tip of the hat to "Saving Private Ryan").

The user also wanted to make sure that people didn't think Damon, 45, has actually been living a double life that included getting married in 1961.

"I assure you he is not Jason Bourne,'' he wrote about his dad in the comments. "Still a hero to me."

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