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Pop Culture

Is wedding off for Cruise and Holmes?

Hold off on buying that first edition of "Dianetics" as a wedding present for Tom Cruise and his pregnant fiancée, Katie Holmes.

The buzz is that the engagement of the happy couple has hit a few bumps and, after reportedly tense holidays spent at Holmes’ house, wedding plans may have been put on hold.

With a new year beginning, Cruise “decided to take the opportunity to mend fences with the family of his fiancée, Katie Holmes,” according to the upcoming issue of Life & Style Weekly. It didn’t go so well.

“Tom and Katie ended up leaving — three days earlier than planned,” according to a “close friend” of Cruise. “Katie was in tears, but that’s standard when it comes to dealing with family matters and Tom.”

A spokesman for Cruise denies the story, but there have been previous reports that Holmes’ lawyer father is not thrilled with the prospects of the two getting hitched.

“My honest opinion is that the wedding’s not going to happen,” a “friend of the couple” told the mag. “Neither one of them seems as enthusiastic as they once did about marriage.”

Kiss and tellLooks like Jennifer Lopez’s hubby doesn’t want her smooching another man on camera.

Marc Anthony edited his wife Jennifer Lopez’s television commercial for her new fragrance, Live, according to In Touch Weekly, which claims that he had a kissing scene deleted. The original version of the ad showed J. Lo dancing with a hunky guy and embracing him in a passionate kiss. But before the ad aired, Anthony had the lip-locking  moment deep-sixed.

“Marc’s the jealous type,” an insider told the mag. “Even though he wasn’t the director of the project, he suggested to Jennifer that the kiss was a distraction, and she agreed.”

Notes from all overBarbra Streisand is worried about women’s rights in the new Iraqi regime. “With the recent Iraqi election, the only regime that we have helped to erect is a theocratic one, where fundamental Islamic law will likely continue to repress the Iraqi people, spread religious intolerance and deny basic rights to women,” Streisand writes on her Web site. “Is this what we are fighting for?”  . . . Professional wrestler Stacy Keibler is professional gamblers’ overwhelming favorite to win, an online betting site, has 2/1 odds on Keibler to be crowned the dancing queen on the show. Tia Carrere comes in second, with 7/1 odds, closely followed by Lisa Rinna with 15/2.  . . . Jonathan Rhys-Meyers denies he’s dating his “Match Point” co-star Scarlett Johansson, and says those love scenes weren’t very romantic to film. “And as for that bit where she blindfolds me, I felt like a total prat,” he told the Scottish Daily Record. “It was all done between 9.30 and 11.30 on a Monday morning, so it was hot tea in plastic cups and biscuits in between sessions with Scarlett. It looks sexy on film but it certainly wasn’t sexy to shoot.”

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