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Wedding bells for ‘Biggest Losers’?

Not yet, but the lovebirds are working out together to lose holiday pounds
/ Source: Access Hollywood

We didn't make it easy for our two favorite “Biggest Losers” — Suzy and Matt — when we sent them out on a romantic dinner in Vegas.

And now they are here to show Access Hollywood how they've worked off all the holiday weight.

“Are you ready guys?” Nancy O'Dell asked.

“We sure are,” Matt said. “After all, we've got a wedding to get ready for.”

“Would you stop with that already?” Suzy laughed.

“We're getting married next week,” Matt grinned.

“News to me!” said Suzy, holding up her bare hand. Indeed, no ring.

“I'm kidding! Joking!” Matt laughed.

“Don't call my family and friends, and start freaking out,” Suzy pleaded with a smile.

So, whether they get married or not, Matt and Suzy are one hot couple — a far cry from when they landed on “The Biggest Loser,” all 566 pounds of them.

But after working so hard to drop the weight, these two couldn’t escape the allure of the holidays and are now paying the pound-packing price.

“Yeah, I put on some pounds,” Suzy admitted. “Actually, I want to take off 10 pounds. I'll just lay it out there.”

Access joined these “Loser” lovebirds at 24-Hour Fitness in Los Angeles to battle their post-holiday bulges.

“It's after the holidays, so everybody's been drinking and eating a lot, so what we want to focus in is, like, a lot of lower-body exercises combined with a lot of core movement,” said Jon Agorrilla, a trainer from 24-Hour Fitness.

To burn more calories, it’s all about working multiple muscle groups, starting with fat-burning lunges.

“It's harder when you're not just on the floor because I do have to focus on my abs, and it touches on more muscles right?” Suzy said.

“Exactly,” Jon said.

“Burns more calories? And hence, taking off more holiday weight,” Suzy said.

Intensifying the routine with an exercise ball adds a new twist to push-ups and crunches.

“I only did three of those, and I can tell, I need to work on my abs a little bit,” Matt said.

To keep Matt on top of his game, Suzy’s got her own special trick.

“How about this workout?” laughed Suzy, as she body-slammed Matt. “Who's the wrestler now!”

It's obvious. Both Matt and Suzy are working hard and look great. But let's get back to the wedding.

“We're not getting married,” Suzy insisted.