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Weather Channel's Jim Cantore takes out five more wise guys on 'Kimmel'

The Weather Channel's Jim Cantore became a viral video legend this week after he rained down justice — in the form of one swift knee — on an overly-enthusiastic college student who stormed his shot. But that was nothing! On Wednesday night's "Jimmy Kimmel Live," Cantore took out five more camera hogs.

Sort of.

Kimmel conducted a remote interview with the man he called "the Chuck Norris of meteorologists" to find out just how often those hands-on scuffles happen.

"Every now and then, someone does something silly," Cantore said as he elbowed a wise guy who tried to charge him. "But I'm just so focused and do so many of these reports, I really don't even remember."

When Kimmel asked Cantore if he ever takes bodyguards on the road for his reports, the tough guy just laughed.

"Just me, an audio guy and my camera guy," he said as two more assailants charged him (to no avail). "They're pretty peaceful too, so there's nothing much they can do."

The mock attacks didn't faze Cantore, who, before it was all over, went on to make short work of two ninjas while he mused about his weather work.