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Weak link gets the boot on ‘Survivor Gabon’

Kota's weak link tried to shift attention to Ace, but the tribe wouldn't go for it. Plus: Pin-up girl Sugar made a smart discovery while in Exile.
/ Source: contributor

The tribe has spoken: Kota's weak link, Paloma, tried to save herself by pointing out that Ace was running the tribe, which he seems to be, but her conflict with him only seemed to solidify the tribe against her. Although she said she'd be like African wildlife and "pounce on someone and just eat them up," it was Paloma who got eaten. And she's not bitter at all: In her final words, she said, "If Ace wins the million dollars, I'll probably never watch Survivor again."

Immunity is sugary sweet: Pin-up model and actress Sugar was sent to Exile following Kota's first loss of the season. She chose to receive an idol clue instead of "idle comfort," and set about searching for the hidden immunity idol that Fang's Dan couldn't find.

Quickly, she found each successive clue and then the idol. "I can't believe I found it and the lawyer didn't. How funny is that?" she said. "I'm a lot tougher than I thought I was," she said, noting that she hoped being on "Survivor" would help her get over the recent death of her father.

Accusation of the week: Corrine accused Ace of pulling a Madonna. "I'm not sure that accent is real," she said of his British intonation.

Out of rice, out of nice: Although they won both challenges, Fang is in disarray. Randy's still irritated with his tribe, calling them names behind their backs, saying GC is a "cancer" that should be "excised." "I really shouldn't blame them for being complete idiots. They don't know it, but they are," he said, and jumped on "the bright idea of [eating] three meals a day."

Bed, bath, and warriors: Fang lost three challenges in a row, and showed up at their first immunity challenge a divided and leaderless tribe. But the promise of comfort in the form of pillows and blankets led them to fight hard, dragging Kota tribe members through the sand during the challenge and winning 2 to 1.

"We had to go out here and fight like warriors in order to get some blankets and some comfort, but it was worth it," Crystal said.

No new nudes: Stranded in their work clothes, the Survivors have been wandering around in their underwear. But unlike last week, when Marcus was briefly exposed during the challenge, everyone was fully covered this week. That's because they got swimsuits in tree mail for their water slide immunity challenge, so the only thing they had to worry about were wedgies.

Today's confusing word is: "asset": Asked by Jeff Probst, "Do you think Ace is an asset to your tribe?" salesperson Kelly apparently confused it with "ass" and said, "In some cases, because he's almost condescending in a way."