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We heart this: 'House of Cards' returning on Valentine's Day

"House of Cards," the critically acclaimed, Emmy-nominated Netflix original series has set a season two release date of Feb. 14. With its themes of scheming, deception and cheating, haters of Valentine's Day never had better appointment television.

But a new teaser trailer for the upcoming season sheds absolutely no light on what to expect, other than the fact that avid jogger Claire Underwood (Robin Wright) still enjoys her cigarettes at night.

The 30-second teaser clip has no sound and no Kevin Spacey, the star who portrays upwardly mobile and murderous South Carolina Congressman Frank Underwood. Shot in black and white from behind Wright, it looks like a "Rear Window" trailer for the streaming age. After one cigarette drag, the show's upside-down flag logo appears as Claire's exhaled smoke disappears behind the date for the release and the red Netflix logo.

Some of season one's more intimate discussions between Claire and her husband took place during smoke breaks in the window of their brownstone home. Maybe Frank is just down in the basement on that rowing machine he doesn't really like. Or back at Zoe Barnes' messy apartment. Or he he could just be off-camera here — at least that keeps him from looking at us and taking another sledgehammer to the fourth wall. 

Claire's got a lot to think about anyway with her own manipulative drive for power through her Clean Water initiative. And since it's Valentine's Day, no doubt her photographer lover Adam is still top of mind. Why hasn't he emailed a JPG of that floor-sized portrait he took of her yet?

To keep up with more silent-but-beautiful "House of Cards" trailers, the show's Tumblr page is worth following. It's got an attractive collection of show photographs, memes and GIFS for the politically like-minded.