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We don't want to wait! Michelle Williams talks 'Dawson's Creek' reunion

Classic TV show reunions are all the rage these days ... so why not "Dawson's Creek"?
/ Source: TODAY

Michelle Williams is playing a super-serious Broadway role these days in "Blackbird" opposite Jeff Daniels. But is she open to the idea of going back to her TV roots on "Dawson's Creek"?

As she told TODAY on Monday, the answer is yeah! "It's a fun thing to sort of imagine," she revealed about a return to the show, which aired from 1998-2003. "I like imagining it."

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There are some caveats. Namely, for example that her character on the show (spoiler alert!) Jen died of a fatal heart condition in the series finale. So ... how would that actually work?

Katie Holmes, James Van Der Beek, Michelle Williams and Joshua Jackson in "Dawson's Creek."TODAY

"I would have to come back as a ghost, or put a lot of filters on the camera and I'll do flashback scenes," she suggested.

There's one other issue, too: Nobody's putting it together. "I haven't really heard anybody saying anything like actually serious about that happening," she admitted.

Michelle Williams and Jeff Daniels in "Blackbird."TODAY

In the meantime, though, she said she does get together with fellow castmates on occasion, for fun, including Busy Philipps and Mary Beth Peil (aka Grams). "We do little mini-reunions," she said. "I guess they're sort of private!"

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