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Watch Zach Braff dish on working with Hollywood legends in 'Going in Style'

/ Source: TODAY

What's it like to work with Hollywood legends?

When Zach Braff visited TODAY Thursday morning to co-host TODAY's Take, the director of "Going in Style" played a spirited game of "Who's the most likely?" in which he dished on the upcoming movie's esteemed stars: Morgan Freeman, Michael Caine and Alan Arkin.

"They have so many anecdotes," Braff said. "They've been doing it for so long that, it's not like they're bragging or anything, but when they tell an anecdote, it's always involving some hugely famous person and it just blows your mind, the different people they've worked with, all their different life experiences. It was just so fun to work with them."

Braff revealed that Freeman would be the most likely of the trio to hijack the karaoke mic. "He has the best singing voice. We all know about his deep Morgan Freeman voice, but he actually has a beautiful singing voice."

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"He actually did the outgoing message on my voicemail," Braff added. "He lost a bet to me, so my voicemail is like 'Hello, it's Morgan Freeman. You've reached Zach Braff. He can't come to the phone right now.' It's pretty amazing."

Braff also weighed in on which star would be most given to dancing on tables ("None of them; they're in their early 80s") and using Snapchat. Braff even shared this video, in which he introduces the three stars to the popular social media platform.

To find out what else Braff had to say, which the full video above!