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Watch Will Smith and Tyra Banks re-create classic 'Fresh Prince' scene

You've never found two celebrities shouting at one another to be quite this funny before.
/ Source: TODAY

Who gets to yell at the "Fresh Prince of Bel-Air"?

Tyra Banks, that's who!

Will Smith, who starred in the 1990s sitcom, had a virtual reunion with the supermodel (who had a recurring role on the series) for his new "Will From Home" Snapchat show, and in no time at all there was a shouting match.

But it was the best possible time: They were re-creating a hilarious "Fresh Prince" scene.

In a clip Banks posted on Instagram, we see a split screen from the series, in which she played Smith's character's friend Jackie Ames. Jackie was from West Philadelphia, and she relocated to Los Angeles on a basketball scholarship; Banks appeared on the show in eight episodes during 1993.

"Reliving the 'Fresh Prince' days with @willsmith in this little teaser for the second episode of ‘Will From Home' that goes live Monday on Snapchat," she wrote in the caption.

The clip shows Banks and Smith (separately) watching a bit from the old show.

"This next piece is one of my favorite moments," says Smith before the pair launch into a heated mirrored argument. Be sure to check out how Banks starts acting out her character's scene all over again, with the same vigor!

"I was 19, Will!" she gasps once the clip finishes.

"Was that one of your first times ever acting?" he asks.

Tyra Banks and Will Smith on "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air"
Tyra Banks and Will Smith on "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air"NBC

"Not 'one of,'" she replies. "That was my first acting job ever." She starts reminiscing about how she was sent to an audition for "Fresh Prince" — but then the whole discussion comes to a halt when she hears her mom off-camera and tells her to be quiet.

"I'm on the TV with Will," she snaps.

"I'm trying to get a snack in the kitchen," says Banks' mom off-camera. "And she's telling me to shut up!"

Looks like Smith isn't the only one Banks can be combative with!

Smith's show, "Will From Home," can be found on Snapchat; the first of 12 episodes launched on Friday.