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Watch Will Smith and Jimmy Fallon sing your favorite TV theme songs

We would watch an hour of these two tackling the TV tunes.
/ Source: TODAY

Will Smith has proved time and again why he's one of Jimmy Fallon's all-time-favorite "Tonight Show" guests: Not only was he Fallon's very first guest in 2014, he's since stopped by while riding a unicorn and beatboxed with the host.

So when Smith dropped in again on Thursday, the question was: what would he do this time around?

Worry not, because as usual, it was epic. The pair duetted on a remix of the best TV sitcom theme songs of all time — and of course, we loved it.

Starting out at Fallon's desk, the pair began with "Thank You For Being A Friend" from "The Golden Girls," and it only got more awesome from there.

Ultimately, they ran through theme songs from "The Jeffersons," "Diff'rent Strokes" (we enjoyed Smith getting on his knees to imitate the Gary Coleman's Arnold); "Good Times"; two instrumentals in "The Andy Griffith Show" and "I Dream of Jeannie"; "Full House," "The Greatest American Hero" and "Martin."

But wait, you may say: There seems to be one critical sitcom missing. Could they possibly have left out the show that broke Smith out of the pack, a theme song rapped by Smith (and gloriously covered by Fallon in 2015)?

Will Smith was on Jimmy Fallon last night, and he and Fallon had a fun medley of tv theme songs.
Will Smith tells the story all about how his life got flipped-turned upside down on "Tonight."Youtube

Of course not. They just saved the best for last, and when Smith hit the first notes of "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air's" theme song, the crowd went wild.

They got even wilder when Fallon and Smith ran into the audience.

"That's the one and only Will Smith!" Fallon cried when it was over.

We can't wait for his next visit!

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