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Watch weatherman Brad Pitt in action on John Krasinski's 'Some Good News'

The actor took on the part of weatherman for pal Krasinski’s uplifting YouTube show.
/ Source: TODAY

Brad Pitt may be best known as an actor and producer, but the recent Oscar winner has another talent he put on display for the latest episode of John Krasinski’s uplifting YouTube series, “Some Good News.”

As it turns out, when needed, Pitt can deliver an on-the-spot weather report.

Sort of.

Midway through Krasinski’s show, the former “Office” star and “SGN” host featured a segment with a trio of NASA astronauts aboard the International Space Station — an interviewing feat that, momentarily, took his breath away.

“‘SGN’ just transmitted from the International Space Station?! I’m going to need a second to catch my breath. We should do a check on the weather,” he said. And with no further fanfare, he added, “Brad, how’s it looking out there?”

Suddenly the scene cut to Pitt poking his head out a window at his quarantine digs and offering up this bit of weather news: “Looks, uh, pretty good … yeah.”

Aaaaaand that’s it!

That hilarious deadpan delivery is a new direction for Pitt when it comes to his work as weatherman — a job he’s had before.

The “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood” star first showed off his forecasting skills as an upbeat-yet-depressing weatherman in a recurring bit for the now-canceled “Jim Jefferies Show.”