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Watch Tom Hanks nail his 'Down Down Baby' rhyme from 'Big,' 28 years later

It's been 28 years since Tom Hanks played tween-turned-adult Josh in the movie "Big," but you'd never know it.
/ Source: TODAY

It's been 28 years since Tom Hanks played tween-turned-adult Josh Baskin in the movie "Big," but you'd never know it.

A new video proves that the decades have done nothing to dull Hanks' memory of one of the film's most beloved scenes — where his character launched into a playground rhyme to prove his true identity.

Hanks still knows every word!

Skip ahead to the throwback fun at the 3:42-mark in the clip and you'll see the star belt out the wacky lyrics — with an accompaniment from filmmaker Philip Wang — just like he did back in 1988.

"Oh, my God!" a clearly impressed Ron Howard, who was also on hand for the feat, exclaimed.

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How could Hanks possibly still know those lines after all of these years? Easy. As it turns out, he knew the song long before he even filmed "Big."

"I actually stole that from my kid's summer camp," he confessed.

And he's not the only one who still remembers the classic kiddie camp rap. Even our own Dylan Dreyer knows the full song — it's title is "Down Down Baby" — and she demonstrated during an impromptu performance on TODAY Tuesday.

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Hanks has been busy with the "Big"-themed flashbacks lately. On Monday night's "Late Show," he joined host Stephen Colbert to revamp the all-important wish scene.

This time around, instead of kid who wanted to be 30, Hanks played a 60-year-old ... who wanted to be 30.

"Just yesterday I tried to jump on one of those big floor pianos and do a dance — I swear I heard my hip snap," he complained to Colbert's Zoltar.

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