Watch Tom Cruise re-create his entire career in under 10 minutes with James Corden

/ Source: TODAY

Tom Cruise has been thrilling moviegoers for 35 years, but don't worry if you missed a moment of it — with the help of James Corden, the "Mission: Impossible" star made it possible to catch up on 24 of his films in less than 10 minutes.

And together, they made this career retrospective hilarious!

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Without a single break in the action, Cruise and the "Late Late Show" host raced through the hits — as well as the wigs, uniforms, cocktail shakers and fangs that came with them — to bring back all of the most memorable moments at once.

The Late Late Show with James Co

From daring "Impossible" scenes to "A Few Good Men" unable to handle the truth in a courtroom, this duo didn't stop.

They shook things up:

Felt the need for speed:

And reminded us of the old (time) days:

The Late Late Show with James Co

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Cruise and Corden even showed us the money "Jerry Maguire"-style — and they weren't alone. Check out the clip to see which Oscar winner joined in on the fun!

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