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Watch Tim McGraw surprise couple with 'awesome' wedding performance

/ Source: TODAY

Highly choreographed dances, lip-syncing couples, toasts set to song — surprising musical moments aren't so surprising at weddings anymore. But over the weekend, one couple had a real song-and-dance shocker at their reception thanks to a little help from the father of the bride and a whole lot of help from country music superstar Tim McGraw.

Shortly after Paul Getz and Lisa White swapped "I dos" on Saturday, White took to the dance floor for a twirl with her dad set to McGraw's 2006 hit "My Little Girl." But unbeknownst to her, the groom and their guests, dad had invited McGraw to sing the song himself.

The music started before the hit maker stepped out on the stage, and even after that, no one seemed certain that something special was happening — that is until the country crooner sang the very first line.

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Suddenly the guests were cheering and the bride was completely taken aback. As for White's father, he just made sure to keep the dance going throughout it all.

And McGraw didn't stop when that dance was over. Wearing his signature black cowboy hat, he stuck around and gave the happy couple the gift of a full 11-song concert, including one of his biggest hits, "Live Like You Were Dying."

The groom thanked the Grammy winner for making their big night "so awesome" before he and his new wife moved on to their next awesome newlywed adventure.

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