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This teen was no match for basketball player's slick street moves

"My ankles were destroyed," the girl wrote when she tweeted the video of the encounter that's gone viral.
/ Source: TODAY

These basketball skills bring new meaning to the term “street ball.”

In a video that has since gone viral, Gillian Jordan is crossing a street in New York City when she comes face to face with Jahmani Swanson, a 4’5” self-described “basketball phenomenon.”

Swanson is dribbling a basketball, challenging Jordan to play defense on him. The teen puts in a solid effort, but Swanson’s just too quick for her. He’s so quick, in fact, that she slips and falls, right in the middle of the crosswalk.

“My ankles were destroyed,” Jordan wrote in her tweet. (She was just using basketball lingo; her ankles weren’t literally destroyed, of course.)

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Jordan wasn’t the only one who couldn’t keep up with Swanson that day. He dribbled circles around other people in the city as part of a video shoot with Whistle Sports, a sports media company.

Jordan explained to Teen Vogue that she and her cousins saw Swanson doing his thing when he asked them if they wanted to be in a video. The next thing she knew, she was down on the street.

“I didn't expect to fall or have Jahmani break my ankles like that,” she said.

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Hey, at least she’s not suffering from a bruised ego. It sounds like she actually enjoyed the experience.

“I think this whole thing is really cool and I'd never expect it to happen to me,” she tells the magazine. “It's quite awesome, and I'm glad everyone finds it funny.”

Just be careful if you ever cross paths with Swanson on the street!

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