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Watch Out, Gwyneth: Courteney Cox Is Getting Her Goop On!

What hath GP wrought? Simply this: yet another unlikely contender to the online lifestyle and advice-giving market.
/ Source: E!online

What hath GP wrought? Simply this: yet another unlikely contender to the online lifestyle and advice-giving market.

Of course, where Gwyneth Paltrow tapped into a lifetime steeped in privilege and experiences not otherwise accessible to us mere mortals, Courteney Cox is taking a slightly different tack, proving that she is officially in the running for Woman of the People.

So, what gives? Is Courteney horning in on Gwynnie's turf? And more importantly, is the world ready for Coox?

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Probably not. But then again, it doesn't have to be. Because rather than set up shop in her own name, Cox is hitching her wagon to an old school favorite, getting named the new home editor of former Jane editor Jane Pratt's new site,

And while interior design has always been a passion of Cox's--that much was made clear by her recent Elle Dcor cover story --her online purview will extend beyond pure domesticity and include advice on beauty, as well.

Her first column, posted just this morning, introduced the Cougar Town star as "Courteney Cox, homemaker," and described the site's "newest columnist" as someone who "gives fantastic decorating advice and beauty tips when she's not working."

"I've been getting all my best home and beauty tips from this girl," her pal of 15 years (and new boss!) Pratt wrote. "Now she's going to be giving them to you."

In her inaugural column, Cox offered readers two beauty recommendations: the first being the extremely wallet-friendly Clairol Natural Instincts Brass-Free for Brunettes hair color kit. (Counter that with Gwyneth's recommendations for a "spring basics" wardrobe, which would cost readers a whopping $18,000.)

"For dark-haired girls who don't like red hues coming through, I use Clairol Natural Instincts Brass-Free for Brunettes," Cox advised. "It lasts about 28 days, but only costs $9.00."

Anyone else smell an endorsement deal coming?

The second of her recommendations was Edward Bess makeup, calling their ultra-luminous eye shadow palette (just $30) and their sheer satin compact cream base ($60), "pretty much all you ever need."

No mention (yet) of the brand she claims to hoard, "all of Mila Moursi's line," or what exactly she uses to smell like "orange blossom meets vanilla meets coconut."

Your move, Gwyneth.

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