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Watch out! 'Golden Sisters' are learning to drive again

Stay off the roads! The "Golden Sisters" are learning how to drive again in the show's season finale, and TODAY.com has an exclusive look at the white-knuckle event.

It's been almost 40 years since Mary has driven, but Josie and Terry have convinced their sister to get behind the wheel again and renew her long-expired driver's license. But as the clip shows, Mary's driving lesson is hardly smooth with her two constant companions in the car.

"You know, I'm really nervous driving the car with my backseat sisters ... telling me how to drive," Mary admits to the cameras. "For sure I'm going to crash!"

With Josie and Terry screaming for Mary to turn the steering wheel this way and that, to hit the brakes and generally freaking out during the lesson, it's no wonder the practically new driver is nervous. But the backseat sisters have reason to worry too.

When Terry advises Mary to "put her signal on," Mary replies, "What's a signal?"

Fortunately, there were no collisions and little damage -- except to a few garbage bins, a curb and a probably their Jaguar's hubcabs.

The season finale of "Golden Sisters" airs Saturday at 9 p.m. on OWN.