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Watch Monday night's 'DWTS' shockers

There are always a few shocking moments worth watching or re-watching on “Dancing With the Stars.” For those who missed Monday night’s action, or for those who would just like to relieve the performance show’s jaw-droppers before Tuesday night’s results are announced, here’s a rundown of the memorable moments.

The first must-see clip is the buzzed about wardrobe malfunction from prosecutor-turned-TV-host-turned-unwitting-flasher Nancy Grace. (Warning: Although brief, the video below does include a glimpse of adult content between some oddly edited canned audience shots.)

Host Tom Bergeron gave Grace a heads up on the nip slip. He also got in a couple of quick zingers in before throwing to the judges.

“That’s all right,” Bergeron said. “On the European version, that would be perfectly fine. Come on over here, Miss Kitty.”

While there weren’t many moments that quite compared to that one, another shocker of the night had to be Chaz Bono’s drop from solid contender to injured dancer at the back of the pack.

Now that was one slow quickstep.

The next biggest surprise came from J.R. Martinez. Anyone who watched the war hero and actor’s “Dancing” debut last week was already aware that Martinez was one to watch in the coming weeks, but that couldn’t have prepared anyone for the fun, fast paced jive he offered up Monday night.

Another shock from that routine? The too-low scores handed out by a couple of judges. Sevens? Really?

What were the most memorable moments from Monday night’s show for you? Tell us on our Facebook page, and then join us for our weekly “Dancing With the Stars” live chat at 3:30 p.m. ET today.


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