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Watch Milo Ventimiglia struggle to name 3 of Mandy Moore's songs

During his visit to "Watch What Happens Live," Ventimiglia was forced to admit he's not very familiar with his TV wife's music.
/ Source: TODAY

Milo Ventimiglia's "This Is Us" co-star Mandy Moore has sold millions of pop albums worldwide, but we're guessing he doesn't own any of them.

During a visit to "Watch What Happens Live" on Monday, the actor was forced to admit he doesn't know much about his TV wife's music career, which began when Moore was a late-'90s teen pop star.

While playing a round of "Plead the Fifth" with host Andy Cohen, Ventimiglia looked startled when Cohen asked him to name three of Moore's hits — or any songs from her six studio albums.

As the crowd roared with laughter, the actor nodded his head in embarrassment.

"I think her album was called 'Candy,'" he said, getting off to an unsteady start. Though Moore's 1999 debut album was actually titled "So Real," it contained the hit single "Candy," so Cohen gave him a pass.

Back in the day: Mandy Moore holds her 1999 debut album, "So Real."Getty Images

"And wasn't there a song called 'Crush'?" Ventimiglia rightfully guessed.

"I know she was only like 15 when she was driving the Bug," the actor recalled, referring to the lime green Volkswagen Beetle his co-star drove in the video for "Candy."

Moore in the video for her 1999 debut hit, "Candy."YouTube

Then he gave up, shamefacedly admitting, "Oh, man, I don't know the rest. I really don't. I don't."

During the same segment, Ventimiglia was also asked to rank himself and his "This Is Us" co-stars Sterling K. Brown and Justin Hartley on a hotness scale — and, surprisingly, that proved much easier for him.

The co-stars play husband and wife on NBC's "This Is Us."WireImage

The winner? "Oh, man, Justin," the actor said immediately. "Absolutely 100 percent Justin Hartley. But Sterling K. Brown is right up there."

Added the humble star, "I'm definitely the bronze medal. I'm third place on that whole thing."

Watch all the fun high jinks in the video above!