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Watch Mariah Carey help pull off surprise engagement for backup dancer

Mariah Carey ceded the stage during one of her shows to allow for the boyfriend of one of her backup dancers to pull off a surprise proposal.
/ Source: TODAY

Sumeet Gupta was trying in vain to contain his nervousness when he got onstage for a surprise proposal in front of a packed Las Vegas concert crowd last week.

A simple gesture calmed him right down. Mariah Carey winking at you will do that.

The pop star helped pull off a surprise engagement on July 14 between Gupta, 32, and one of her backup dancers, Manwe Sauls-Addison, 37, by bringing Gupta up onstage at Caesars Palace.

"The lights were so bright, you don't see a soul out there,'' Gupta told TODAY. "I was very fidgety, just trying to remember what I wanted to say. I got on stage, and Mariah winked at me, and that's when I knew this was going to go just fine."

Carey usually brings four people onstage during the song "Touch My Body" at her "The Butterfly Returns" residency in Las Vegas. She made sure Gupta was one of them, then ceded the floor to him for his proposal, which drew a roar from the crowd.

Gupta's parents and Sauls-Addison's mother were also in attendance to witness the special moment in person.

"I can't say enough how much we appreciate what Mariah did for us,'' Gupta said. "You don't expect anyone to give up a segment in their show for anybody. She was so sweet and so kind, and she was super excited for us."

The couple has been dating for a year and live together in Los Angeles. They had a champagne toast with some of the other backup dancers offstage following their big moment, and Carey congratulated them again after the show.

Gupta set the surprise in motion when he found a phone number of a member of Carey's management in an itinerary that Sauls-Addison had for an upcoming tour and sent a text to see if it was possible to surprise him on stage with a proposal.

"I put a feeler out there and it manifested in a way that worked out beautifully,'' he said.

The happy couple is now looking to have their wedding in July 2019. No word on whether Carey will perform.

"We're just so happy and so ecstatic and on cloud nine,'' Gupta said. "When you find the right person and you fall in love, you just kind of know, and the proposal just kind of validated all of that for us."

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