Watch Mandy Moore open up about most emotional 'This Is Us' scenes

/ Source: TODAY

The first season of "This Is Us" was an emotional roller coaster for the tear-jerking drama's viewers — and for its actors.

When Mandy Moore recently visited TODAY, we asked her which scenes were most moving for the show's stars to shoot.

"There aren't too many scenes where we're all together, but maybe the 'fun-eral' where we're celebrating William's life," said Moore, who plays family matriarch Rebecca Pearson. "That was pretty difficult for all of us, I think."

As for the most intense scene, Moore described the heated argument with TV husband Jack (Milo Ventimiglia) that takes place in the season finale.

"There was so much that went into it; there was the whole idea of choreography," Moore said. "It was a six-page scene where we were speaking on top of each other, and it had to feel natural, so Milo and I rehearsed a lot together just to make sure that we had the banter down. It was the antithesis to the relationship that we have spent the entire season building up, for it all to sort of crumble."

Milo Ventimiglia and Mandy Moore have a tense scene in the "This Is Us" finale.Ron Batzdorff/NBC

She added, "Milo and I have such an easy, natural rapport and I remember when we were shooting that whole episode, we just separated ourselves, which was really sad. I'm like, 'I miss my friend.'"

And, what about the scenes that make Moore herself cry?

"In episode 5, when Justin (Hartley) is explaining the meaning of the painting to the girls, to Tess and Annie, just like the idea of it makes me emotional," she said. "And obviously, episode 16 with Sterling (K. Brown) and Ron (Cephas Jones), it's so beautiful. That moment when he ... see, I'm going to get emotional talking about it! Why do I have to cry?"

We ask ourselves that after every episode, Mandy! But we're so excited to shed more tears when "This Is Us" returns in September.