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Watch Lady Gaga prematurely try to tell Jimmy Fallon 'big news' on 'Tonight Show'

The pop star's plan to share some news got postponed, leaving Fallon on the edge of his seat!

After a mysterious appearance on "The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon," Lady Gaga has our attention...

When Fallon (hanging from a tree!) kicked off Wednesday's episode of the talk show filmed from his home, he revealed that "Lady Gaga ... has a giant announcement she wants to make tonight on our show."

But after the "A Star Is Born" actress finally joined via FaceTime, she told Fallon, "I can't talk right now. It's, um, I'm really sorry. It's just like a really weird time."

A few seconds later, she remarked that she couldn't see her host, prompting her to ask if she was "on TV."

"You are on TV. I apologize," Fallon laughed in response.

Then, turning the conversation back to the singer's commitment, he said, "There's something that you're working on, very big. It's going to help people out right now."

Gaga responded, "I can't tell you everything right now because I'm still ironing out the details, and I have a lot of phone calls to make."

She then asked her host to reschedule the conversation for Friday, apologizing profusely and confirming the news is coronavirus-related. Fallon agreed, but more changes followed. An exasperated Gaga, wearing her glasses upside down, called back with another request.

"I'm sorry. Can we just move our time?" she pleaded. "Can we do it Monday? I promise we'll do it Monday."

As Fallon started to reply, her phone rang again, and he exclaimed, "Oh my heavens! You are the busiest person!"

Next, talking directly to viewers, the father of two summarized the back-and-forth: "So I guess it's Monday. Monday is when we'll find out the big news from Lady Gaga. Not today, Wednesday, no. Not Friday, nope. Next Monday ... Thank you, Gaga, and I cannot wait to find out what you're brewing."

Airing Lady Gaga's plans gone awry is just one way Fallon's gotten creative with his show recently.

While filming at home, the "Saturday Night Live" alum has relied heavily on his family. He even used his daughters, Frannie, 5, and Winnie, 6, in his classic "Thank You Notes" sketch.

“Thank you, flattening the curve, for being the reason why we’re all staying home and a great slogan for Spanx,” he joked as Winnie held a chart over his shoulder and Franny played music with an iPad.

"Thank you, homeschooling, for basically being 20 minutes of work and six hours of ‘educational Disney movies,’” he continued.

Before he could finish the bit, though, Franny wandered away, taking the tunes with her.