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Watch Kelly Clarkson's son hilariously interrupt Chris Martin midsong

Remy had a very important announcement that couldn't wait.
The Kelly Clarkson Show / Instagram
/ Source: TODAY

"The Kelly Clarkson Show" has a lineup of big stars for its season three premiere this week, but it looks like Clarkson's son, Remington, may have hilariously stolen the show.

On an episode airing Monday, Clarkson and her two kids, River Rose, 7, and Remington, 5, join their mom for a special singalong of "Yellow," which also happens to be River's favorite song, with Coldplay's Chris Martin.

Before her kids come out from backstage, Clarkson jokes to Martin she's probably sang the song more than he has because her daughter "is obsessed."

"I've literally — I've sang like every song in the world to her since she was really, really little," she says.

"I've had to sing 'Yellow' almost every night of her life," she adds.

Then, the mom of two brings out her little ones to meet Martin, and River hands him a card and adorably says, "This is for you!"

Martin also gives both kids pins and suggests Remy put it on his jacket.

"Aw, that's so nice!" Clarkson says.

Martin then asks River and Remy if they'd like to sing with him.

"I'll sing with you," Clarkson tells her kids encouragingly.

Clarkson and her mini-me daughter are clearly in the moment with Martin as he plays the guitar and sings, but Remy couldn't wait to make an important announcement.

"I need to go to the bathroom," he declares midsong.

The unfiltered moment made Clarkson, Martin and the audience crack up with laughter.

Fans on social media commented on the similarities between Remy and his mom, who is known for keeping it real and having a sense of humor.

"He's definitely Kelly's kid," one person wrote.

"LIKE MOTHER LIKE SON," another viewer added.

On Instagram, Clarkson wrote, "Yep. That's definitely my kid."

Many people were also happy to see the singer's two kids and how grown up they look.

"Remy B you are AWESOME. (and omg...he is so big now)," someone else wrote.

Season three of Clarkson's show kicks off on Monday, Sept. 13. In addition to Martin, Clarkson will also sit down with "Saturday Night Live" comedian Bowen Yang, Kristin Chenoweth and Fat Joe.