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Watch Kathie Lee and Hoda get traumatized by animals

There's never a dull moment in Studio 1A with Kathie Lee and Hoda, but when they invite a few wild animals on the show, things get downright chaotic.  

KLG is typically the animal-friendly anchor; she isn’t afraid to hold snakes, cuddle lion cubs or let birds perch on her arm. But Hoda's another story: furry friends always ruffle her feathers.

Let's face it: Hoda’s hair sometimes resembles a nest. Maybe that's why it's been the landing ground for a number of bird species that have come on TODAY for their three minutes of national television.

Also: Perhaps it’s the TV lights of maybe it's just nerves, but it seems many of our animal kingdom comrades have weak bladders during their segments, and that’s something that makes KLG run for shelter.

Watch some of my favorite moments when Kathie Lee and Hoda face off with animals on set.