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Watch Jimmy Fallon's daughter scare him with a fake snake

Honestly, he’s a good dad for pretending to fall for that.
Fallon pretends to be afraid of his daughter's handcrafted paper snake.
Fallon pretends to be afraid of his daughter's handcrafted paper snake.The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon
/ Source: TODAY

Jimmy Fallon has been doing his show from home with his family during the coronavirus quarantine, his loved ones have effectively become his co-stars.

From his wife, Nancy Juvonen, to his daughters, Winnie and Franny, we’ve enjoyed getting to peek into the Fallons’ lives and see some of their antics.

And in an especially cute moment on Friday night’s episode, his daughter Franny, 5, pretended to attack him with a paper snake.

Ever the actor, Fallon immediately went along with it.

“Oh no! You know I don’t like one animal and one animal only!” he said as Franny ran toward him with the paper snake.

“Snake! Oh no! Get it off me!” he shouted, theatrically.

Prior to the quarantine, fans rarely ever got a glimpse of the young girls, as the Fallons preferred to keep their private lives private.

But in recent weeks, Juvonen said it made sense to start to include the kids in the show, even if it was just to show viewers that their family is just like everyone else’s.

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“Look, this is what we’ve got,” Juvonen told New York magazine. “The only thing we kept thinking was, if we’re not ourselves and authentic and in our sweatshirts and taking walks and being messy and doing life, then (the audience is) going to feel it, and we can’t sustain it.”

This week, Winnie, 6, interrupted her dad’s interview to tell him she lost a tooth. Both girls have helped with Fallon’s thank-you note bits and even have served as his band.

Friday night, Winnie showed off her piano skills as her dad talked about the new “Trolls World Tour” movie. Disclosure: Universal Pictures shares the same parent company with TODAY.

“I don’t know how to watch it but we will be watching (Trolls),” Fallon laughed, as Juvonen giggled behind the camera.

“Really? You don’t want to listen to ‘Mary Had a Little Lamb’ 150 times?” Fallon joked as Winnie plugged away on the piano in her own world.

“We’ve got time for all of it,” Juvonen replied.