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Watch Jimmy Fallon lose it as his new 'Normal' quarantine song goes awry

Jimmy Fallon tried out a new song on his first day back at Rockefeller Center since the coronavirus pandemic began, and it didn't go so well.
/ Source: TODAY

Jimmy Fallon returned to 30 Rock for “The Tonight Show” on Monday, but things looked a little different!

The Roots were on stage but socially distant from each other, and part of the set was staged to look like the inside of Fallon’s Hamptons home, where he has been hosting the show in recent months due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Fallon didn’t pass up on the opportunity to do a little live music after being reunited with the band, busting out a parody of “It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas" titled “It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Normal.”

“It’s beginning to look a lot like normal!” he crooned, before incorrectly identifying his favorite cameraman (due to his mask) and attempting to bring comedian Tracy Morgan on via a very glitchy video chat.

“I’m running for mayor of New York!” Morgan shouted, as his connection broke up — likely a reference to Kanye West’s recent announcement he is running for president of the United States.

Fallon continued despite the technological glitches, eventually collapsing in laughter.

“Cut the music!” he says, as the band and crew giggled in the background.

He pulled it together to end the number (despite the digital dancers the graphics department prepared to look like gifs from the early 2000s).

“But I’ll be with you every night, trying to shed some light until things are actually normal once more,” he sang. “Merry Christmas everybody! Or whatever time of year it is; I’ve lost track of time.”