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Watch Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon totally crush 'Friends' trivia

Rachel and Jill Green are back at it!
/ Source: TODAY

Jennifer Aniston's "Friends" trivia skills were recently put to the test!

Aniston — who played the iconic "Friends" character Rachel Green — appeared on "The Graham Norton Show" with Reese Witherspoon (her "Morning Show" co-star who also guest-appeared on "Friends" as Rachel's sister Jill), as well as Julie Andrews and Ian McKellen.

When Norton announced they would test the group's knowledge of the beloved NBC sitcom, Aniston was concerned she would not do well.

“Oh, she’s going to win,” Witherspoon said, pointing at her pal.

“Oh, I don’t know about that,” Aniston grimaced, as the audience laughed.

The first question was a softball, asking what Rachel wore in her first scene in the series.

Aniston immediately got that right — a wedding dress — but after that, she struggled a bit.

The next question asked for the line that came after this: “This is about you being a brat, wanting what you can’t have.”

Immediately, Witherspoon’s hand shot up.

“'Can't have?! The only thing I can’t have is dairy,'” she quoted.

The line was delivered by Witherspoon’s "Friends" character. She and Aniston recently posted a video re-enacting the scene together on Instagram.

The next question involved one of the show's Thanksgiving episodes. In it, Rachel makes a trifle, an English layered dessert, but messes up the recipe by skipping to the next page in the cookbook.

“I put beef in it,” Aniston recalled for her answer. “I put beef in the trifle.”

McKellen, who had been asking the trivia questions, immediately corrects her.

“You didn’t, you put shepherd's pie in it,” he said. “And shepherd’s pie is not made with beef, it’s made with lamb.”

In Aniston’s defense, the script from the show does say Rachel put beef in the trifle, though Ross tells Rachel she made “half an English trifle and half a shepherd’s pie.”

Next, McKellen asked what song Rachel sang to get her daughter, Emma, to fall asleep. The audience quickly jumped in to say it was Sir Mix-a-Lot's “Baby Got Back.” McKellen even cajoled Aniston into singing a bit from the song.

Witherspoon jumped in to say she thought the question was about the theme song of the show and offered to sing a few bars.

“So no one told you that it’s gonna be this way,” she sang (slightly muddling the lyrics), as the audience did the requisite three claps after the first line.

The final question even got Andrews involved. McKellen asked her the following:

“When Ross dated Rachel, why did he feel it was fine to sleep with other women?”

“I know it, I know it!” she exclaimed. “It’s because he said we we’re on a break!”