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Watch 'Idol' shockers: Stevie Wonder, Hulk Hogan and more

Thursday night’s “American Idol” results show finally got filler right. Rather than stuffing the hour with the usual yawn-inducing distractions, the most recent episode of “Idol” excelled in non-main event material.

If visits from A-list “Idol” alum Jennifer Hudson and J.Lo’s other half, Marc Anthony, weren’t enough to keep viewers content while they awaited the night’s big news, then surely a couple of celebrity shockers were.

Wrestling fans or even just watching-Ryan-Seacrest-get-smacked-around fans had to appreciate Hulk Hogan's host-smashing appearance.

The next highlight of the night was Steven Tyler’s early birthday present — a serenade from singer, songwriter and musical legend Stevie Wonder.

Of course, for one “Idol” hopeful, neither of those moments really compared to his own shocker Thursday night — presumed favorite Casey Abrams had to rely on the competition’s only save to stay in the game.

Which “Idol” surprise did you find most entertaining?