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Watch Haley's stunned reaction to the 'Idol' results

"American Idol" fans who were shocked to learn that Haley Reinhart wouldn’t be part of the final two face-off were in good company Thursday night. Reinhart herself appeared to be completely blindsided by the big reveal.

Reinhart’s stunned reaction actually rivaled “Idol's" previous most shocked take— that of eliminated rocker Chris Daughtry back in season five.

As for Reinhart’s ouster, it should be noted that for someone so obviously taken aback by the results, the singer was quick to regain her composure and put on one heck of an exit performance. 

As “Idol” expert Craig Berman pointed out in his results show recap, Reinhart’s farewell rendition of “Bennie and the Jets” was one her best routines in the competition. In fact, the former contender’s final effort was easily the best exit sing-off from anyone this season.

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