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Watch gymnast Laurie Hernandez get a jaw-dropping surprise from her celeb crush

/ Source: TODAY

We're all pretty well-acquainted with Zac Efron and Simone Biles' Olympic crush-a-thon, but what about one other member of the Final Five? Does Laurie Hernandez have a crush she'd like to encounter?

As it turns out, yes! And thanks to Ryan Seacrest, Hernandez now one more special memory from the Olympics (to go with her gold and silver medals): A message from "The Voice's" Adam Levine!

Toward the end of a recent interview with Hernandez , Seacrest noted that she's a fan of "The Voice," and asked which coach she liked best.

"Well, Adam keeps winning, so I like Adam 'cause of that," she said. Clearly, Hernandez appreciates winners!

She wasn't done. "But then like Christina [Aguilera] is awesome," she added. "'Cause um, even when I was younger, like just in the gym, my coach would put on a Christina CD and we would listen to her the whole time."

We get that: There's more ways than one to win big in Hernandez's book.

But Seacrest only had one of the "Voice" coaches cued up, and he let a special message from Levine play next: "What's up, Laurie?" said Levine, speaking into his phone's camera. "This is Adam Levine, just wanted to say 'Hello, congratulations.' You're kicking butt out there and uh, we've been watching you in the States. Excellent work!"

Watch Adam's message to Hernandez on

That's pretty great stuff! Sure, it might not have been as big as Efron's visit with the Final Five last Tuesday, but we think she looked pretty excited anyway!

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