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Watch Gwen Stefani surprise Blake Shelton for his birthday

He even wore a birthday tiara for the surprise party.
/ Source: TODAY

Gwen Stefani is keeping birthday busy! Thursday was a fun throwback slideshow with her brother Eric for his big day, and on Friday it was all about her loving fiancé, Blake Shelton, who turned 45!

In a series of Instagram videos and a photo, Stefani, 51, shared a peek into what appears to have been a surprise party for the big guy.

"Celebrating my besties b day today love u @blakeshelton," she wrote in the caption, adding hashtags including #surprise, #fiancé, #Gemini and #favoritecountrysinger.

In the first video, the suspense builds, and then Stefani and Shelton appear in the doorway, glance out at the camera and everyone yells, "Surprise!" The camera pans around the guests as Shelton examines the decorations and ... skip to the next video, where he's now got on a little tiara and everyone's singing "Happy Birthday" to him.

And then on to the final image of Shelton and Stefani sharing a kiss. It's all sweeter than birthday cake!

Gwen Stefani celebrates Blake Shelton's birthday
Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton sharing a birthday smooch.gwenstefani/Instagram

But that wasn't the only little unexpected surprise Shelton got for his birthday. He shared this short video of a very special birthday greeting:

Fortunately, Shelton has the right to reply back. "Leo, I’m not the one that’s a poo poo head.. You’re the one that’s a poo poo head," he wrote on Twitter.

Of course, this isn't the first time Stefani has sprung some kind of wild birthday surprise on her love. In 2016 she shared some childhood photos on his birthday; there were more throwback photos in 2019; and last year she called him her "best friend" on social media. And of course, who could forget the armadillo cake celebration of 2017 or the ongoing on-the-road celebrations of 2016?

Yes, sometimes we think the only one who enjoys Blake's birthday more than Blake ... is Gwen!


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