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Watch the 'Friends' cast sing the iconic theme song with James Corden

“What about that for a trip down memory lane,” Corden said.
/ Source: TODAY

This may very well make your day, your week, your month or even your year.

On “The Late Late Show with James Corden,” the cast of “Friends” performed the show’s classic theme song in a taped segment shot around the time the actors recorded the sitcom’s reunion.

Corden, who hosted last month’s special on HBO Max, was driving in a golf cart on the Warner Bros. lot where “Friends” was taped, saying the recent reunion is about to happen when Lisa Kudrow and Courteney Cox asked him for a ride. A few seconds later, Matt LeBlanc and Jennifer Aniston bummed a ride, too. Sure enough, Matthew Perry and David Schwimmer also hopped on a few seconds later.

As they tooled around the lot and talked about what it was like to reunite, Corden asked if they could listen to some music before turning on the show’s classic theme song.

Corden and the cast of "Friends" had some fun taking a look back at the show.Terence Patrick / CBS

While most of the cast cheered, Aniston put her head down as if to say, “I’m sick of hearing this.”

Corden and the cast then sang along to the track, performed by The Rembrandts, even doing the hand claps.

“Oh my god, it’s harmonizing,” Aniston said at one point.

“What about that for a trip down memory lane,” Corden raved after they finished.

“I’ve always wanted to do 'Carpool Karaoke,'” Cox said, referencing Corden’s signature bit.

Corden and the cast went onto the show’s set and the talk show host may have summed up every fan’s feelings when he stepped into Joey and Chandler’s apartment.

“I feel more nostalgic than if I was going back to an apartment that I ever lived in,” he said.

“It’s really mind blowing being in here,” he said, as he sat down on the couch in Monica and Rachel’s apartment.

Corden then joined the cast at Central Perk.

“I didn’t sort of anticipate how much being on set was going to hit me,” LeBlanc said.

“These five people right here mean the world to me,” he added, prompting Kudrow and Aniston to grab some napkins to dry their eyes in a moment filled with sweet emotion.

The stars then had to answer questions about themselves, ranging from who broke character most while filming (Kudrow was the consensus) and who is the best dancer (Schwimmer got the most votes) to who took the most clothes from the set (that’d be Aniston) and who’s most likely to watch a “Friends” rerun (Aniston and LeBlanc nabbed that honor).

LeBlanc also gave some advice to eagle-eyed "Friends" viewers: Look out for the moments when Rachel covers her face — because that likely means Aniston had broken character and was laughing.

Corden wrapped up the conversation by taking a cue from the theme song and asking who is most likely to be there when the rain starts to fall. They all said everyone.

“Thank you so much for letting me come and be part of this incredibly moving thing for you,” Corden concluded. “I’ll never, ever forget being in this room, being with you. This has been absolutely brilliant.”